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For better board reporting

Every organisation I have ever worked with wants the same thing from their board pack – they want reports and papers that are concise with the ‘right’ amount of information to keep them informed and able to make informed decisions. 

Instead, what directors often get are board reports and papers that are riddled with so  much detail it’s hard to work out what’s important and what’s not. Or in the case of decision papers, what the writer is even asking for.

Work with me to improve your board packs

I’m an expert in board papers having read hundreds of them and trained thousands of writers.  Over the years, I have reviewed board packs from a writing perspective, facilitated workshops, revised templates and coached individuals and small groups. 

Upping the standard of executive board reports

While I still offer those services, my emphasis now is on working with executive teams on their regular reports. 

Contact me to find out more.