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For better board reporting

During and post COVID-19 board-paper services 

Before COVID-19, I (Mary Morel) offered a comprehensive range of board-paper services from reviewing board packs through to half-day workshops and group coaching sessions.

COVID-19 has been a time of reflection for many people, including me. As part of my reflection, I decided I didn’t want to conduct my half-day workshops on Zoom. 

I also realised that some work I had been doing with a risk and compliance team was the most exciting work I’d done for a while. Because I was working with the team over a period of time and we were working on real documents, I could see the results. And they were impressive. So my latest service, which won’t disappear post COVID-19, is working with teams. 

Working with teams

I can work with your team over a period of time (e.g. four months) to make a real and lasting difference to your executive, committee and board papers. 

The program would be tailored to suit your team’s writing needs, but could include:

  • A short session (1.5 hours) on writing skills
  • Planning meetings to discuss upcoming writing requirements and key messaging
  • Reviewing meetings to discuss drafts and look at writing techniques to improve them
  • Reviewing – I would work with individuals in the team to improve their reports or papers 
  • Editing –  I would edit all documents and train the team to pay attention to details and use consistent styles

I guarantee that after a short period of time you will see progress that will astound you:

  • Your readers will thank you for the clarity and brevity of your team’s writing
  • You will save time – no longer will you have to spend hours reviewing and editing your team’s work
  • Your team will meet writing deadlines

Above all, your audiences (executive leadership team, committee or board) will receive the information they need to be informed and make informed decisions. No longer will they have to wade through clutter or ask your team for more information. 

Other board-paper services

Other board-paper services offered during these times are:

  • Review of your board pack from a writing perspective. Such a review identifies writing strengths and areas for improvements. It serves as a benchmark to monitor and measure progress. 
  • Review of your template. Many writers hate templates because they would rather do their own thing, but templates are useful for consistency. A modern template can also help writers structure their paper well. 
  • Short writing training sessions (1.5 hours) that cover board-paper writing principles. Yes, these sessions would use Zoom or another video-conferencing platform of your choice. 

Contact me to find out more.