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I’ve always loved working with words. I started my career as a secondary school teacher before becoming a freelance writer and editor, and then a corporate trainer and coach.

Write to govern

In recent years, I have specialised in working with organisations to improve the quality of their board papers. I am an expert in this area having completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ course, written a book on the topic and trained thousands of people. 

Online writing training

Years ago, before online courses became popular, I saw their potential and created online grammar and writing courses. I’ve witnessed the changes that have occurred in this space and have constantly updated my courses to keep them relevant. 

If you like my writing and grammar tips, you’ll enjoy my courses

Writing fiction and nonfiction

I have found slivers of time between work and family to write two primary school readers and three nonfiction books.

My first two nonfiction books were on small business marketing before the days of social media (Promote Your Business and Talk Up Your Business). I wrote these books because I needed to learn how to market myself when I moved from New Zealand to Australia. My third nonfiction book is on board papers (Write to Govern).

I am currently writing a young-adult novel, The Secret Camp.

I believe that writing fiction and nonfiction has made me a better teacher because I appreciate the joys and difficulties of writing. 

Come write with me

Words have power and writing well is a skill worth having in the workplace.

I can help you improve your writing, whatever types of document or online content you write. I am particularly skilled at helping people write complex, technical documents and am an expert on board papers.

Contact me if you’d like to work with me.