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Writing advisory services

Your in-house writing advisor (for organisations)

In-house training courses provide an overview of writing skills, but people only retain a few ideas from a day’s training.

If your organisation is in Sydney, I can complement your in-house writing training program with individual sessions. People could book in to see me in your office to discuss writing generally or work on a specific document. 

Some organisations start this service on a weekly basis and then move to a monthly arrangement.

Contact me for more information.

Your writing coach

I work with individuals to improve their writing skills. I usually find two or three sessions is enough to identify your writing strengths and weaknesses and set you on your way with tools that will work for you.

Working with you on complex documents

If you’re working on a complex document, such as large business case or board paper, and you’re stuck, call me (0400 686 600).

I’ll help you shape your document to make your ideas stand out clearly with just the right amount of supporting detail.

Or maybe you just want to book a half-hour or one-hour consultation to talk it through. 

Editing corporate and government documents

I’m experienced at editing public documents, such as sustainability reports, annual reports and think pieces.