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Come work with me to improve your own or your organisation’s writing. I help individuals and organisations change their writing for good.

Reinforce training with writing coaching

You’ve done some writing training. Great. It was probably fun and engaging. But did the training transform your writing or the writing culture in your organisation? Let me guess. It made a difference initially, but it was very easy to slip back into old habits. 

Training covers basic writing principles but applying them takes practice. That’s where writing coaching helps.

Helping you improve your business-writing skills

I can help you with one-off complex documents that are difficult to write. As I am not involved with the topic, I can add a different perspective and help you see the structure of the document more clearly.

Or you can work with me on a short writing program tailored to your specific writing strengths and weaknesses. 

Helping organisations transform their writing culture

Engage me to come into your office regularly and work with people on specific documents. This service is particularly relevant for board and committee papers. 

Not only will the board and committee receive better papers, but writers will also improve their writing skills.