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I work with individuals and organisations to help people write with clarity and ease.

Writing advisory services

In-house writing coach (for organisations)

In-house training courses provide an overview of writing skills, but people only retain a few ideas from a day’s training.

If your organisation is in Sydney, I can complement your in-house writing training program with individual sessions. People could book in to see me in your office to discuss writing generally or work on a specific document. 

Some organisations start this service on a weekly basis and then move to a monthly arrangement.

Contact me for more information.

Personal writing coach

Work with me to improve your writing skills.

Three sessions is usually enough to identify your writing strengths and weaknesses, and give you tools to write with greater ease and confidence. 

Writing support

If you’re working on a difficult or complex document, such as large business case or board paper, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, come write with me.

I’ll help you shape your document to make your ideas stand out clearly and concisely. 

Board paper services

I’ve been working with organisations to improve the clarity of their board papers since 2007.

In that time, I’ve read thousands of board papers and understand how difficult they can be to write. One of the challenges for writers is always what to put in and what to leave out. 

You can read about my board paper services at Write to Govern and buy my book Write to Govern: How to write effective board papers.

‘As always Mary Morel’s uncluttered approach improves board papers for those that write as well as for those that read them. If you’re wanting to make a New Year’s resolution for your board’s performance I can recommend wholeheartedly her book Write to Govern; quite simply it works.’ (unsolicited LinkedIn testimonial)

Profiles for directors

Directors need profiles for company material, such as websites and annual reports.

Many profiles I read online are dense and difficult to read. They give no sense of the person behind the qualifications and experience. Often the information is crammed together to avoid taking up too much space, and typos are commonplace. 

Work with me to create a profile you are proud of.